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How to play football in the NFL this year

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It’s time to go back to basics, and NFL teams are starting to implement a much more traditional approach to play this season.

The league’s two most valuable franchises, the New York Jets and New Orleans Saints, are getting their first full offseason in the sport under new head coach Rob Chudzinski.

They’re also expected to get plenty of time off, which is going to make for some fun games. 

There’s plenty of new football technology and tactics to look out for this season, and if you’re just starting out, there are plenty of tips and tricks we’re keeping a close eye on. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the new rules. 


The new rules aren’t exactly perfect.

There’s still plenty of debate over the new rule, called the “in-game rule,” which allows players to make contact with an opponent who is on the turf in the field.

Some of the arguments on both sides of the debate are valid, but in general, there’s no clear-cut, enforceable way to do it.

The rule will be enforced in the offseason, though, so the NFL has no hard numbers yet on how many times players will be flagged. 


NFL rules don’t apply to every situation.

While there’s a few things that the NFL is trying to do in this offseason that won’t apply in 2016, the rules are already set in stone, so you’re unlikely to see any change in 2016. 


The most common types of illegal contact will continue to be illegal.

If you’re playing in a game, you’ll still be allowed to make a tackle if you take a knee or step onto the field in a hurry.

But if you get hit in the head with a helmet or wrist, you won’t be allowed.

The other most common illegal contact is a tackle to the helmet, which was banned in 2016 and was the reason the NFL decided to add the rule to the rulebook.

The idea is that if you’ve been hit with the helmet or the wrist, it will make the hit more likely to occur, since you’re likely to hit harder and harder the longer you’re down.

If your head hits the ground and you get knocked out of the game, it’ll still count. 


The helmet-to-helmet contact rule won’t come into play.

The NFL has also decided to not allow tackles to the head in certain situations, including a tackle of the head on a player with a broken collarbone.

There are plenty more rules that will be in place for the upcoming season, so don’t worry about the helmet-on-helm contact rule. 


You’ll still have to get hit with your helmet.

The number one rule for the game this season is not to get your helmet on someone else’s head, but you’ll have to do that a lot more.

In fact, if you are in the middle of a tackle and someone else gets the head-on hit on you, you’re going to be flagged, according to the NFL.

You could get a game-long suspension for that play. 


It’s not all about the numbers.

There will be no official rules this season about what constitutes a helmet-contact. 


If the ball hits the turf, you should be fine.

The head contact rule will not apply to any of the “head-on” plays, so players will still have the freedom to make tackles in the air or on the ground. 


If a ball hits a defender, you can get a concussion.

If someone gets hit with a head-onslammed ball, you have a 10-yard penalty for “intentional head contact” and a 15-yard-plus penalty for any other type of head-contact that would result in a hit.

The 10- and 15-point penalties are based on how close you were to hitting the player. 


If it hits your helmet, it counts.

There is a 10% chance of getting a concussion if the ball gets caught on your helmet and hits the helmet of another player.

If two players are on the field at the same time, the head of the first player is considered the one who gets a concussion, while the head is considered that of the second player.

The penalty for getting hit in your helmet is 10% of the penalty for hitting another player in the helmet. 


The old “kick to the face” rule will go away. 

The NFL has said in the past that a “kick” to the nose is legal, but the league will not allow players to hit their head in the “kick-to, nose-to” way. 


The concussion rule is still in place. 

In the past, a player would get a 10 yard penalty for being knocked out after being hit by a “tumble

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